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Learn first hand from Group Home entrepreneurs how to help out your community and make great money while doing something.

Felicia and David, husband and wife successfully operate 6 Transitional homes in Los Angeles that provide safe, clean and affordable living for the homeless. They have over 20 years experience in running group/co-living homes for men.

They met at a Jewish drug rehabilitation treatment center in 2006. David has just come out of prison for white collar fraud with no place to live. Felicia Edelman, a California attorney, was fighting a methamphetamine drug addiction she started while in law school. They now want to share their knowledge and experience from a recovery standpoint of how you can help your own community by providing different types of community housing. If you want to start or already have a group home they can help.

They have done all types of co-living including sober livings, half way house for persons on parole, and senior housing. Communities need affordable housing and they want to share some of the secrets to making your home profitable. Felicia and David started Uncle Dave's Housing in January of 2010. Since then they have seen it all. From being prosecuted by the City of Pasadena for Nimby laws, to having zoning, health and environmental government agencies on their doorsteps. Even through the fights, overdoses, and success stories they remained profitable.

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