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Ultimate Marketing Guide for Shared Housing

Updated: Apr 13


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We are sharing our library of vast resources our organization built over the past 10 years. You will receive secret strategies for keeping your group home profitable. Where will you get people, agencies, government, and foundations to pay the rent in your group home? At Uncle Dave’s Housing, we have learned how to keep 6 houses 95% full at ALL times.


Learn how to grow your housing referrals faster and more effectively than your competitors. Remember that there is currently a shortage of affordable housing in America. Yet, there is no one place, agency, company, or government agency to go to for housing. There are so many places. people, websites, provider lists, and where you can find potential residents. This will save you hours and hours of time researching for your referral list.


We are placing in your hands exactly where to go and what to do to keep your group home profitable! Caseworkers, social workers, agencies, and the public are waiting for you to tell them you have affordable housing NOW! They need rooms and beds NOW! Not later when you get a house. This is a proprietary system of so much information that will help you grow your reputation faster than other shared living houses. It works for us at Uncle Dave’s Housing. Even if you are not in Los Angeles, every city, county and state have the same resources for finding housing. Dream big and get this amazing resource now. It will start you on the road to building your business reputation.


This is being shared for the first time! You will learn the best ways to reach new clients and get more foot traffic to your house, visitors to your website, and more lifelong clients. You will learn how to market your house immediately. Do you know who and where to advertise and network your house through in-person, email, snail mail, speaking engagements, flyer circulation, and digital products? I’m sharing strategies I’ve never shared before with you.


Do you want your business to start thriving today, or do you want to spend hours, days, and weeks trying to find where to network? Ready to grow your network of referrals and grow your revenue FAST? Lock in this low price OF $199.00 today. I’m sharing what I know from my experience as an Executive Director of a profitable non-profit affordable housing organization. Expanding your clientele…this list will help you have a more sustainable group home. A strategy to create methods of building a reputation for our group home in the community. This is a pandemic-proof business. There is no reason not to be able to fill your house and be profitable simultaneously. And it 100% can… Where are you going to find people to live at your house? Where will you find funding to pay people’s rent while living at your house? We have compiled a list that is a compilation of our hard work trying to fill up our houses for the past 15 years. We want you to think about who you are targeting. Who are your people? Where do they hang out on the internet or in the real world? How can you get in front of them? How can you connect with people who need the type of housing you offer? It would take you hours to find a few of these resources. Now, you can access over 100 places to contact and things you can do to get your house filled and known in your local community.


I have worked on this list for over ten years. This list involves 15 years of intense research and networking with non-profit and for-profit organizations and government workers who place people in temporary, emergency, supportive, and permanent housing. This list teaches you how to reach caseworkers, social workers, government employees, and housing agencies. On the list, we have lots of direct websites and physical places where you can market your house. We have done the hard work for you. Just start selling your house. Use of this list will help you immeasurably fill up your house.


After working through this list, you should be able to fill up your house within six months. Getting a good reputation and getting your business known in the community takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. If you use this list correctly, people will live in your house within 24-48 hours. Hopefully, you are serious and will use every resource at your fingertips. We want you to fill up your house and start a waiting list. We are your cheerleaders. If you have questions or want coaching to help speed up your progress, email us at

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