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What Is Temporary Housing & Why Do People Need It?

Temporary housing is a home for a temporary amount of time. People in need of temporary housing often are facing homelessness for various different reasons. A loss of a job and being unable to pay rent will cause someone to seek other temporary housing.

It is usually not a home we plan for in our life. Life happens and circumstances may cause someone to need immediate housing. From being released from the justice system, treatment centers, hospitals, inability to live independently, loss of income, lack of affordable housing, eviction and college dormitory are just some of the many reasons someone will seek short term housing are never ending in this world.

Short term housing is often seen in a negative light and many assume it is for people who cant afford their own place. This is a generalized assessment that usually misundernds how much we need temporary housing in our communities and that they provide more positive outcomes than expected.

Housing is not just a privilege but a human right to have somewhere safe and habitable to sleep and shower. It doesn't matter what income level someone is at because almost every one will stay in short term housing during their lifetime. Whether it's a vacation house, a temporary house while you remodel, a halfway house for those coming home from prison, sober living for persons needing somewhere to continue their recovery or senior housing or skilled care housing.

Many cities don't have enough housing for those with a low income. Real estate prices continue to grow yet salaries do not grow fast enough to keep up with the cost of living. Many have turned to shared housing for a solution for shared housing. Sometimes it can become permanent housing rather than for just a short period of time.

No matter the reason or circumstances for needing a place to live for a short amount of time creates a high demand for more short term housing. It provides you with a safe place to stay and somewhere to keep your belongings while you establish a more permanent home.

Whether you’re transitioning to a new life, attending college or need assistance with basic housing needs can help so many people in many ways. One can save money, one is not isolated if in a group home, provides an address so one can obtain an id, to put on a job application, to have your mail sent too. You need housing first to get a good footing in life.

How to find short-term housing can be a challenge while using online search engines and roommate or room for rent ads. How does one know if it's safe to close your eyes at night?can be a bit of a challenge.

The different models of short term housing fill a very important need in every community and need to be seen in a positive light. They are safe places for people to call home even if for a definitive amount of time. Society would be better served by seeing the police aspects of short term housing than making judgment on the people who may need it the most that are often trying to improve their lives.

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