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Why Do You Need This Particular Contract?

It's a must. In order to form a good relationship with your tenants, guests, licenses all parties must understand the rules of your house. My husband and I have personally rented thousands of beds in our transitional housing for men for the past ten years. I have amended, rewritten, and edited this contract/agreement to almost perfection. I can’t begin to tell you how many times in the past ten years we have had to change our original agreement with our guests. This agreement covers everything you need to protect you, your house, and your guests.

Who Is A Guest?

A tenant has protection under state laws. You can not just ask someone to leave or evict them immediately if they are a tenant. You don’t want tenants in your group home if you are going to be profitable. Some people also call guests a licensee. One who has a license to rent your bed. However, I prefer to call the guys at Uncle Dave’s Housing (link) guests. A licensee is just too much legal jargon for this type of group home living. You do not want to give anyone living in your home that they are a tenant with legal rights under any state law protections. I highly recommend refraining from the use of the word “Landlord” to prevent further use of the word “tenant”.  It is better that your guests understand that they are renting a bed from a company, organization, or group.

Do Not Use the Word “Tenant”

I can not emphasize the importance of distinguishing people renting a bed/room from you as guests versus tenants. They do not have their own apartment, only the right to use a bed in the home. It is a community type of living or as sober living explains a group of people who live as a family.  Make sure your renters understand that this is a community, family, or group living together and no one person has the exclusive right to run the house except for you or your house manager.

You can call your renters whatever you want just don't call them tenants or honey don't be late for dinner. Just trying to be lighthearted in a very serious matter in order for your home to be profitable.

Avoid Eviction at All Costs 

It takes months to evict a tenant through the court system. You don’t have the time nor the money to do an eviction running a profitable home. I have seen this contract that you can purchase right now hold up with the police, sheriffs, and even the California Courts. The police have always assisted us in evicting a guest with this contract in my hand or my manager’s hands. Even during COVID, it has worked with the Los Angeles Police Department and we are able to evict someone immediately due to a violation of one or more of the rules on the contract. 

This contract has withstood the test of the California courts, police officers, and other government agencies like the Health and zoning departments. Not once have I had to file an eviction for the hundreds of guests that we have been forced to evict immediately. I have also never lost a Small Claims lawsuit by a former guest suing us for a refund of their money due to us evicting them.

House Rules are Essential

You will get the most necessary rules to run a profitable house with this contract. You need this contract/agreement in order to set the atmosphere of people living at your home. You need this contract to be profitable and have the ability to kick someone out on a minute’s notice.

This contract has been tested over and over hundreds of times for the past years. Now for only $199.00, I am sharing all my hard work and ten years of experience doing this for Uncle Dave’s Housing with you. I want you to be able to run your group home the way you see fit. This agreement can be revised for your personal needs. I can help you if you just send me an email after purchasing the contract.

The Bottom Line

Keep it simple and easy to understand by the people you rent to in your group home. Know who your renters are and remember you are the one in charge.

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