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Save yourself time, money, and frustration. Your residents are not tenants. You don’t want to have to go through an eviction. The Los Angeles Courts, Police, and Sheriffs Departments have upheld this contract for 15 years. After housing 30,000 plus people, we have never served a legal notice or filed any eviction lawsuits, nor obtained any restraining orders. It can be modified in this format to tailor it to your Group Home. As laws are almost obsolete to unlicensed group homes it will work in whatever stated you are location.


Our managers will read this house rules contract to the person moving in so that they can hear every word and afterwards ask if they would like to read it themselves or have any questions. We do not provide a copy of the house rules to the resident after moving in. This is also the best way to do an interview of the potential resident by reading the house rules and application and going over it with them. You will be surprised what you find out using these two documents. 


This is a basic application that contains all the key points necessary to know who is moving into your home. We suggest you fill it out and read it for the new person moving in. 

These two items are required if you want to protect yourself and have all the correct information for each resident.  


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