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By following our instructions included in this amazing guide for marketing your group home to the public, organizations, caseworkers. It is a compilation of 15 years of research online and networking. it doesn't matter where you live even though the guide is based on filling group homes in Los Angeles

Most organizations are national and governments have similar names. The idea is to provide you every type of organization, government department and online sites that have potential residents looking to rent from you.

The years of research include a lot of ways to fund your group home by grants, contracts, sponsorships, fundraisers. For only $299.00 you are saving yourself hours of research and places to go in person.

Your bed and rooms need to be occupied to reach your maximum profits. Start with this guide and in the beginning we always accepted anyone with money. Over time we built a reputation and no longer spend hours marketing our homes.

In the beginning you are going to put in the time. If you care about your reputation you might avoid the virtual assistance at first. First impressions are everything.


  • If you purchase this marketing guide you qualify for one hour consult on marketing your home for $200.00. That's a $150 off my normal hourly consulting rate! I will email you a code after your purchase of this guide.

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