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sober living - an answer for help

My step son overdosed on February 13 2021 after battling addiction of opiates for years. We just spent thousands of dollars for him to go to detox and be in treatment for 60 days. The day he got out he flew to Dallas Texas to pack up his apartment and move back to Los Angeles his home town. ALONE. he traveled alone to Dallas. I had offered to go with him. He went alone and had in his opinion what he called freedom. In my opinion traveling alone meant no accountability.

This is why a sober living or halfway house is so important when someone exits a treatment center for any type of addiction. The night he overdosed his wife and friend whom he was staying with called us looking for him. My husband, his father explained to them that he needed a sober living. He shouldn't be alone. Alone in his own head. Alone to be free to do whatever. Alone to escape life on life's terms.

Unfortunately it was too late. People need people when they are in recovery. They need to rely on each other and be there for each other. The opposite of addiction is connection. A group home serves as the best way to connect to others. To be accountable.

sober living - an answer for help

If you are running a group home and need help I want to help you. If you are not making a profit operating a group home I can help you turn your loss around to a profit. Please ask for help. We are here on earth to live amongst each other and to help each other. I want to pass on my success in the group home business to you.

If your group home is a sober living or clean living we can hook you up with resources that will help fill up your house so you always have a waiting list of people wanting to move in. We look forward to hearing from you.

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